Frequently Asked Questions About the Application of KonFound-It for Sensitivity

Introduction This document addresses some frequently asked questions regarding KonFound. Questions? Issues? Suggestions? Reach out through the KounFound-It! Google Group. See the appendices for background readings and software. For quick reference, visit: [Development version of the FAQ]( asked questions for application of konfound-it.docx) Overview of all KonFound commands Main introductory slides for combined frameworks Background There are two basic frameworks for sensitivity analysis employed within KonFound. First is the Impact Threshold for a Confounding Variable (ITCV)—Frank (2000). [Read More]

A 15-minute talk

I summarized our current thinking on how robustness analysis can be applied to emerging COVID research in a brief presentation at an online conference entitled “COVID-19 and Public Policy and Management.” The conference was hosted by the Center on Technology, Data, and Society at Arizona State University, and a recording of the 15-minute talk, entitled “Communicating the Robustness of Inferences as COVID-19 Evidence Accumulates”, is available here.

Communicating the Robustness of Inferences as COVID-19 Evidence Accumulates